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Sales are for buying presents

The sales are on with a vengeance. I try and avoid them these days, simply because most of the sales items are trucked in especially, you don’t get too many real bargains anymore.

One thing the sales are good for though is buying presents. I have three friends who have just had, or are going to have, babies. So after seeing the Life of Pi at the movies, which happened to be in a shopping complex, I checked out the department store Myer.

Clothes for my friends' babies bought in the sale

Clothes for my friends’ babies bought in the sale

I love looking at baby clothes! They are just so small and cute. It’s enough to make me want to have a baby myself! Almost 🙂

So I bought all of these clothes for $46. Originally these were $74. So I saved $28.

I bought six cards for $1, and now I’m sorted. Yay for sales!



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