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A singlet for $3.99 - for that price it must have been made in a sweatshop right?

A singlet for $3.99 – for that price it must have been made in a sweatshop right?

Today I bought a singlet for $3.99. Yes, you heard right $3.99. I didn’t even try it on, I asked the sales assistant for my size and she went out the back and found one in a plastic sleeve, brought it back to the counter, and I promptly bought it.

It’s a bargain, I know it. But for that price it must have been made in a sweatshop somewhere in China, surely? Do I feel guilty? Yes. I actually do. But will it stop me wearing it? No. Because I’m not particularly rich by most Western standards and I need to save my money.

So this seems to be the modern day dilemma, and I’m not exactly sure how to solve it. Do you?



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When a bargain goes wrong

A couple of weeks ago I was in Uncle Bill’s Wholesale Club and saw some dress-form mannequins. I convinced myself I didn’t need one, even though I asked the checkout chic how many they had in stock. They had three, one black, one white and one purple. The amazing thing about these mannequins was they were only $59.99, a complete bargain. So when I started this blog three days ago, I realised I was going to need something to hang my home-sewn clothes or op-shop finds and voila I had a reason to buy a mannequin. I knew I was going to be near a different outlet today, and gave them a call to find out how many they had in stock, and the answer was many. I decided to pop in and grabbed the first black one I could find.

Now have you ever had sinking sensation when you go to open a new purchase and you realise someone has opened it before you? Well someone obviously had, and then stuck it back again. A bad sign. But inside everything looked good until I tried to tighten the dress-form onto the stand. It would only go so far, and then stop, and the dress-form would slide down. I didn’t want to have to drive all the way back to the store, so I fiddled with it a bit. And fixed it! So I now have a stylish mannequin in my bedroom, just waiting for some funky clothes to be put on it. The challenge begins!

Mannequin - crop

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