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I heart libraries

The Mitchell Library, which is part of the State Library of New South Wales

The Mitchell Library, which is part of the State Library of New South Wales

I really love libraries. I love the hushed whisperings. I love the knowledge they hold. I especially like old libraries, the ones with dark brown wooden shelves and ladders to reach the books up high.

Today I went to the Mitchell Library, which is part of the State Library of New South Wales. I was looking for a book called: The pocket encyclopedia of hints, saving time, trouble and money. Published around 1946 I thought it would be a perfect reference for writing this blog.

First though, I had to join the library. The helpful librarian talked me through the online process, and within minutes I was a member.

It wasn’t until after I had joined, and ordered the book, that I discovered that the Mitchell Library is actually closed on Sundays! I mustn’t have checked the opening hours properly on the internet. Lucky for me the State Library was open, and they said they could bring the book across. While I waited I used the free internet. Yes, FREE. That’s another great thing about libraries, they often offer free internet.

When the book finally arrived it was tiny! The woman behind the counter said I was lucky to get it, they don’t usually allow them to move books that old, “It mustn’t have a publication date on it”. I gingerly flipped through the fragile pages. Tips on how to clean marble bench tops, or aluminium, or how to hang singlets without using clothes pegs. It wasn’t really much help for saving money, but it was a little bit of history none the less. Which is another great thing about State Libraries, they hold time capsules in the form of books. Did I say I love libraries?



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Library sale

One book and three magazines cost $5.50.

One book and three magazines cost $5.50.

This week was the central library book sale and even though I arrived a few days after it started I still got a book ($4) and three magazines (3 x $0.50). I was particularly pleased with the Women’s Weekly as it had a whole article on blogs that focus on saving money, which I checked out when I got home.

I’m also a big fan of the Readers Digest, although the ones I bought from the library are large print so not as easy to carry in my handbag. They’re also American rather than from New Zealand (or Australia – which tends to be the case here).

I’m not sure how much of the Suze Orman book I’ll read, but I figured the worst that happens is I try and sell to a second hand bookshop  for $5 and get my money back plus more. All in all a good shop for $5.50.

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