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First post…with some upholstered chairs

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Last year I enrolled in an upholstery course and took two chairs I was given for free and turned them into funky furniture which I sold to cover my costs. I bought the fabric, in two pieces, from a fabric auction for $20. The material didn’t quite cover the back of the chairs, so I found some material in a remnants bin at a local curtain shop for $1 a piece, and some hessian like fabric to cover the bottom, also at $1 a piece.

I also bought materials like foam and webbing during the class which added up to about $50 and and the course itself cost about $150. I had to drive to get to class so a bit of petrol costs got factored in, so I’d say selling the chairs for $150 each was a good trade. One of the real costs was my own time, and I didn’t really factor that in. For example I sanded back the arms and revarnished them, and I don’t have a workroom, so had to wait for a reasonably sunny day to do that outside.

Here are the before and after shots:




After: front of chair one


After: back of chair one

ImageAfter: front of chair two

ImageAfter: back of chair two

So you can see that they both look pretty awesome, but I was so embarrassed by my own handiwork that when the purchaser came to my house to pick them up, I said a friend had upholstered them.

The more I look at these photos though, the prouder I am. And today I enrolled in another upholstery course. I’ve already bought the chair, the fabric and have set aside some time – so keep an eye out for another post sometime next year when I show you the finished product.


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