Honesty boxes

Tomorrow at stupid o’clock (ie I have to be up at 4am) I’m on a flight to Sydney. Yay, for holidays!

I’ll be gone for a few weeks, so I’ve been depleting the perishables in my fridge. Today, I only have some carrots, a tomato, a cob of corn, some cheese and an egg left in the fridge.

Not much for dinner really. But I didn’t want to buy anymore food because it would just be wasted.

At the bottom of the building where I work the cafe often puts out food at the end of the day that hasn’t sold with a bowl saying “$2 please”. I’ve never used it before, but today I was lucky to get the last salad. It had heaps of broccoli, a little bit of cheese, and even some capers. A healthy dinner, so I bought it.

Yummy salad bought for $2 using the honesty box

Yummy salad bought for $2 using the honesty box

I ate my last piece of fruit, a banana, yesterday so I was wondering what to take with me to the airport to eat for breakfast. I’ve chosen the cheapest plane ticket, so I’ll be getting no food on the plane. At 4am I won’t be hungry, but at 6.40am when the plane leaves I’ll probably want breakfast. So the honesty box at work came to the rescue. For $1.30 (which is the usual price at the cafe at work – I have debated whether it’s OK to put in less because it’s old food) I bought a leftover date scone. I’ve put it in a plastic bag ready for eating tomorrow.

The date scone that I'll eat for breakfast tomorrow

The date scone that I’ll eat for breakfast tomorrow

I read somewhere that a guy did some research on honesty boxes and found that people were more likely to be honest the day after pay day and more likely not to pay the day before pay day. I guess it makes sense. They used to have a chocolate box at work with an honesty system but they had to remove it because people were basically stealing the chocolate bars. I for one am a happy customer today!


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