What would you change

I’ve been talking to my Mum on Skype. She lives in Sydney. Skype is the most wondrous thing. Instead of paying for a long distance call, we can chat for hours and all it does is use up some of my band width, so basically it’s free.

Today she told me about Gretel Packer, who is Kerry Packer’s daughter. According to someone working on her house in Bellevue Hill in Sydney, Gretel has a trust fund of $1 billion. Imagine that. You could live off the interest alone.

The next obvious question is – what would you do differently if you had $1 billion?

Would you quit your job? Would you live somewhere different? Would you buy some new things? Would you give some money to charity? Would you get a cleaner?

I would probably work part-time in the job I’m already in. I might move back to Sydney though, which would make that a bit tricky! Maybe I’d just travel back home more often to see family and friends. I might buy a new car, one that has airbags. I’d definitely give more money to charity. And yes, I’d get a cleaner!


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