Local newspapers are awesome

One of the first things I did when I moved into my new place is put up a No Junk Mail sign. There was just far too many brochures in my letterbox every week, I couldn’t get through them all.

I was really pleased though that The Wellingtonian, one of the local newspapers that deliver in my area, ignored the sign and just kept delivering.

I really like local newspapers. They’re free and they often contain information you don’t get from any other source. I feel like I have my finger on the Wellington pulse. I’ve also won a few times in some of the competitions run by The Capital Times, which is ace.

Last week I even picked up Older and Bolder, a newspaper for 50+ and over. I’m definitely not in that demographic but I picked it up all the same, and read some interesting articles.

I’ve also been known to pick up the free student newspapers too – and if you walk through the University in the morning you can pick up a free Dominion Post. I don’t discriminate in my newspaper reading, other than it has to be free!

The three free local newspapers from this week

The three free local newspapers from this week


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