A good coffee is worth the expense

Half price coffee, score!

Half price coffee, score!

At work we have free instant coffee. One of my colleagues makes filter coffee and shares it with the rest of the office. There’s even a vending machine in the cafe that dispenses reasonable coffee for $1. Despite all of these options, I can’t start the day now without a strong cappuccino.

In Wellington, the average espresso coffee costs $4. So, over a week, I spend about $20 on coffee, which is not cheap. But I can’t help it, I can’t start a working day without a really good, strong coffee.

My solution is to buy vouchers.

I have to be careful though, the cafe needs to be near where I work, and the expiry date has to be far enough into the future that I can use them all up in time.

My latest voucher was for Third Wave Espresso. I took a leap of faith, without knowing anything about the cafe, and bought the maximum of five coffees at $2 each. Half price coffee! And it was pretty good coffee to boot. Not good enough to make me switch from my regular cafe, but good enough that if there was another voucher deal I would buy it again. I’m just hoping another voucher appears before I finish my last two coffees, otherwise it’s full price coffee again, and I hate paying full price!



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