Can you regift a gift?

Last week, Wellington hosted one of the biggest movie premieres I’ve ever seen (but I must admit, I haven’t been to too many movie premieres!). I went down to Courtenay Place to check out the action, and was given this wizard’s hat in the hobbit village.

The wizard's hat from The Hobbit premiere

The wizard’s hat from The Hobbit premiere

I actually needed a hat at the time, because the sun was beating down quite fiercely, although I had to hold onto the hat quite tightly to stop it blowing off my head in the wind that this city is renowned for.

My question is this. I don’t want the hat. While I will probably go and see The Hobbit at the cinema, I’m not a die hard fan so I feel no need to keep it. Can I gift it to someone for their birthday? I would obviously match it with another present, but is giving a freebie as a birthday present just a bit too cheap? Could it be a nice keepsake from Wellington? Does the fact that some people around the world would kill for this hat make it any better as a present? I’m really undecided! At least it’s quite obvious that this hat was a giveaway, I’m not fooling anyone. Have you ever regifted a gift?


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